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Introducing the Grand Vision

World’s Largest Statue of Lord Balaji

In a remarkable endeavor to honor the divine spirit of Lord Balaji, a charitable trust has embarked on an ambitious project to build the world’s largest statue of the revered deity.

Standing tall at a majestic height of 351 feet, this awe-inspiring statue will serve as a beacon of faith, spirituality, and philanthropy.

The charitable trust behind this magnificent project envisions not just a statue, but a holistic sanctuary that fosters spiritual growth and upliftment. Alongside the majestic statue, the complex will house various facilities to cater to the needs of devotees and the local community.

Sponsored By

Pramela Gangaram Katakadhond Charitable Trust

A meditation hall will offer a serene and tranquil space for contemplation, allowing individuals to connect with their inner selves and seek solace in the divine presence.

The complex will also feature a bathing kund, a sacred water reservoir where devotees can partake in purifying rituals, reinforcing the idea of spiritual cleansing and renewal.

This act of sharing symbolizes the essence of unity, compassion, and love within the spiritual community.

  • A spacious dining hall will be set up to provide nutritious meals to visitors and the less fortunate, ensuring that no one goes hungry within the premises.
  • Moreover, the trust aims to spread joy and blessings by distributing the famous Laddu Prasadam, a sacred offering, to devotees.
  • To further enrich the experience, the complex will boast a state-of-the-art open theater system and a mesmerizing laser show.
  • These multimedia installations will bring to life the stories and teachings of Lord Balaji, captivating audiences and deepening their connection with the divine.

In line with the trust’s commitment to philanthropy, the complex will house an old age home, providing care, comfort, and companionship to the elderly.

  • Additionally, a woman employment center will be established to empower and uplift women in the community, providing them with skills and opportunities for sustainable livelihoods.
  • Together, let us build a testament to faith, compassion, and service — a sanctuary that embraces all, irrespective of caste, creed, or social standing.

  • May this grand statue of Lord Balaji inspire generations to come and nurture a world filled with love, kindness, and spiritual enlightenment.

  • To turn this grand vision into reality, the charitable trust humbly appeals to all individuals to contribute with an open heart.
  • Donations, whether big or small, will help fund the construction, maintenance, and sustainability of this spiritual haven.
  • By donating, you become an integral part of this sacred project, contributing to the welfare of the community and spreading divine blessings far and wide.

Kavita Deepak Katakadhond
Hospitals (KDKH) Pvt. Ltd.

CIN: U86100KA2023PTC172351

Tel : +91 944 889 2222

Registered Office
Balaji Charitable Trust
No. 351, Near Balaji Temple, Baradol - 586204
Taluka: Chadchan | Dist: Vijayapur (Karnataka)

Kavita Deepak Katakadhond Hospitals (KDKH) Pvt. Ltd.

1 SHRI Venkateshwara Swami 351-Ft  WORLD LARGEST&TALLEST Statue & BALAJI Temple
2 Main Entrance Gate with Drinking Water, Wash, Foot Wear stands, etc.
3 BIG  Bell Formation (BADA Ghanti 9km Sounds) And 351 Ft Flag
4 Guest House Building for Various categories including’s Furniture
5 Bathing Kund for Males & Female  Separately
6 Subway under the Highway connecting both pockets
7 VVIP Guest house  including’s Furniture  along with helipad AND GoShalaS
8 Office & Administrative Building AND All Banks Buildings  All ATM Buildings With High-Security System
9 Residential Accommodation (1 To 5 BHK) for Main Pujari & Staff  Quarters /All Flowers & Forts Tree
10 Dining Hall, Laddu Prasada Distribution, Kitchen Complex
11 Meditation Center
12 The commercial complex includes kiosks, Book Stall, a Curios outlet, Bank, and Photo Gallery
13 Bhajan Mandaps & Rest Rooms etc. including’s Furniture 
14 Open Mandaps and Shelters & Mudi Centers
15 Campus Development including roads, pathways, boundary walls, gates, security posts, etc.
16 Laser Show ares – Open Air Theatre Concept
17 Landscaping Development
18 Water Features like Fountain & Waterfall etc.
19 Sensitive Parking for Staff & Visitors
20 Transport Facilities including Terminals & commercial Parking lots
21 Utilities like various toilets and Drinking water
22 Dispensary, Sick Room, First Aid & Medical Facilities.
23 2000 Bed SUPER SPECIALTY  HOSPITAL Building’s As Par ICMR Norms Equipped with Latest Healthcare Facilities
24 Bigg MEDICAL COLLEGE And Related School Building
25 Old Age Home including’s Furniture 
26 Orphanage Home  including’s Furniture 
27 Multipurpose Hall / Banquet Hall
28 Interior setup of Each Accommodation  including’s Furniture 
29 Exteriors of each building with Temple Theam
30 Interior / Exterior signage
31 Air Conditioning / Air handling scheme
32 Electric Sub Stations including Electric Distribution Panels, Generators, Building and Street Lighting
33 Tele Comunication & E-Networking
34 Electronic Surveillance, Lan, Wi-Fi, Campus, and Atomization
35 Security & Intelligent Electronic System
36 Sewerage Treatment Plant
37 Water Treatment Plant
38 Rain Water Harvesting
39 Fire Fighting AND Fire Vehicles
40 Solar Water Heating System- Heat Pumps
41 Solar Power Plant for General Lighting
42 Three Planteshaion  Full Site All Fhut`s Plants
43 Overhead Water Tank Full Project Water Parose and  Drip  Irrigation With Pushkarini
44 Bus Stop Public
45 Bhojan Mandapas-Prasad Room With Kitchen, Furniture for All Public purposes, And Public Toilets 
46 Man Employment Center ( Manav Kallyan)
47 Dhor Kakkay Stachu And Temple Samaj Mandir With History
48 Women Employment Center

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Kavita Deepak Katakadhond Hospitals Private Limited
No.351 Near Balaji Temple,
Town: Baradol, Taulka: Indi
Dist: Vijayapura – 586204 

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